Logistics Industry Solutions

Power up your operations with image-based barcode readers

As logistics industries continue to grow, the pressure to meet customer demands and performance metrics is greater than ever. Successful companies are scaling and optimizing operations while minimizing manual work and equipment downtime.  Machine vision and  barcode reading solutions are increasingly critical to:

  • Increase speed and throughput
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs

With more than 35 years of experience, Cognex experts and image-based solutions can help dramatically improve the productivity of your entire operation.

Scan and sort goods quickly and accurately

Global ecommerce retail sales continue to rise exponentially, and fulfillment centers must work with more and more suppliers. Packages shipped in from suppliers may have poorly printed or plastic-wrapped labels, scratched barcodes, or overpacked boxes which can contribute to errors and costly inefficiencies. The operation needs the tools in place to get the right product to the right customer at the right location as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

To help manage this complexity and improve accuracy, operations personnel and facility managers at some of the world’s leading ecommerce retailers use Cognex  machine vision and  barcode reading technology to ensure sorting, warehousing, dimensioning, and shipping operations meet or exceed performance requirements.