Inspection, sorting, classification provided as a service.

Your customer demands flawless and 100% inspected products but you don’t want to bear the financial and technical risks of installing an inspection solution which you will be responsible for. Why should you! We are offering our Inspection service which will take care of it for you.

We will take care of all technical issues and handle the inspections at our facility. You only pay for the value that 100% inspection adds to the product, so no investments needed. You avoid technical problems at your own facility and don’t need either the personnel or the capacity to have inspected products at your disposal.

Once-only products or small batches are no problem as we can easily adjust our hardware.

As we have the equipment in our facility we will be able to carry through improvements very easily. You can be granted access to inspection data over the internet so you can monitor the performance of your processes.

As the inspection technically evoluates we can discuss transition of the inspection setup to your facility at any time. Your risk, both technically and financially, will be tremendously reduced.

Benefits of our service are:

  • No financial investment needed
  • No technical know how required
  • You only pay for the added value
  • Fast access to inspected products
  • No personnel or capacity needed
  • Small batches or once-only products no problem
  • Free evaluation and improvements
  • Reproducable processes
  • All inspections are vision based
  • Data reporting over the internet possible
  • We guarantee our service!