Inspection service & custom turnkey vision solutions

Visualize & track manufacturing quality defects

1D and 2D barcode reading for logistics

Dedicated to client support & giving trainings

A few things we’re great at

Cognex integration made easy.

seamless integration

You don’t have to worry about discernable errors or complications with our integration.

Cutting-edge technology

Using technology at the frontiers of MVI. Leading and innovative software & hardware solutions for better performance.

unmatched Performance 

High-speed and industrial performance. Blazing fast acquisition and industry leading vision tools.

reliable support

Our support team works hard to solve issues as quickly as possible, close in relation with our QVL to solve complex issues.

The secret of success

VisionPro ViDi Is Deep Learning-Based Software Designed For Factory Automation.

Accurate results

ViDi, when trained properly can detect defects so accurate that tracking back manufacturing defects is easier than ever before.


Deep learning technology used to solve manufacturing inspections that are too complicated, time-consuming, and costly.

processing time

ViDi can keep up with all* demanding applications & supports all new graphic cards with Nvidia CUDA 6.1 or higher.

Easy integration

Easy, fast set-up and operation with Cognex Designer with operator friendly HMI.


System integrations and custom turnkey solutions made with high standards in mind.